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+*NOTE*: The April 5, 2012 cycle of FADDS has moved to a new format, breaking these importers. I will update them when I get the time (or it becomes a blocker to something I need) but in the meantime would absolutely accept a pull request if you're so inclined.
This project provides Django models and simple import scripts to load data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.
aircraft Store / import data from the public Aircraft Registry (
airports Store / import data from the FADDS "APT" database - includes airport facilities, runways, attendance hours and remarks specific to those three items. This app is in a "pre-beta" state, the parsers are there to break everything apart but no models exist to store the data and the import process isn't done yet, either.
+ awoses Store / import data from the FADDS "AWOS" database - this lists all "automated weather observation stations" with their locations, codes, and phone numbers.
Add faadata.aircraft to INSTALLED_APPS
- Set settings.FAA_AIRCRAFT_DB_PATH to the path to the registry file downloaded from the above link
- python aircraft/ will then import all the aircraft registrations
+ aircraft_import --path=/path/to/AR-folder/ will then import all the aircraft registrations
+ airport_import --path=/path/to/fadds/ will import all airports, runways, remarks, and attendance schedules. There is not-yet exposed granularity in the import to select which of those you want imported in the management command itself.
+ awos_import --path=/path/to/fadds/ will import all automated weather observation stations
+ fix_import --path=/path/to/fadds/ will import all fixes (note: a "fix" is a location used by pilots flying under Instrument Flight Rules. It is not a "physical" place just a set of pronounceable characters mapping to a latitude/longitude.)
As an extra bonus, the script will populate a database with geometry for US restricted airspace. It doesn't use Django. Sources are the shapefiles in FADDS and the SoaringWeb OpenAir files at

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