A resuable app with the boilerplate necessary for getting TIGER/LINE data into a GeoDjango project.
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This app is intended to make it easier to add TIGER/Line data to a GeoDjango project and save people from writing this same code over and over (collectively).

It is not (yet) exhaustive, it's just what I had and have needed in the past.
If you have models / load scripts for other data in the set, please fork/add and send me a pull request if you add other shapefiles. If you come up with useful manager methods, I'd love to see those too.

* NOTE: If you need cities, the best source for that is the US National Atlas. I have an app for those at https://github.com/adamfast/usgsdata-citiesx020

It's been tested and used with Django 1.10 and PostGIS + PostgreSQL.


Download the 2016 Tigerline files for all zipcodes, all states, and all counties


* States (and Territories) - ftp://ftp2.census.gov/geo/tiger/TIGER2016/STATE/tl_2016_us_state.zip
* Counties (for all States / Territories - ftp://ftp2.census.gov/geo/tiger/TIGER2016/COUNTY/tl_2016_us_county.zip
* Zipcode Tabulation Areas (for all States / Territories, these are NOT actual zip codes which describe specific mail routes) - ftp://ftp2.census.gov/geo/tiger/TIGER2016/ZCTA5/tl_2016_us_zcta510.zip

Unzip the files

Configure django.contrib.gis as described in the django docs.

Add "django.contrib.gis" and "tigerline" to INSTALLED_APPS

run `python manage.py migrate` which will run the migrations and make sure database tables are created.

If you want to import all three:
run `python manage.py load_tigerline --path=~/Path/to/shapefiles`

Or there are individual management commands if you only need one set:
run `python manage.py load_counties --path=~/Path/to/shapefiles`
run `python manage.py load_states --path=~/Path/to/shapefiles`
run `python manage.py load_zipcodes --path=~/Path/to/shapefiles`