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Welcome to the MLJS wiki!

I want to...

  • Create a new MarkLogic based app with drag and drop using the Workplace Application
  • Learn how to integrate MLJS widgets using JavaScript, by reviewing the Sample Application
  • Learn how to use MLJS in my Node.js application, by reviewing the Hello Search tutorial

Latest Release - 1.4 April 2014

  • Reworked search results rendering to include multiple pluggable areas - title, summary, metadata, button bar, preview, links, facts
  • Added metadata extraction to search results by default, and support for viewing generic XML/XHTML document with XSLT
  • Various documentation updates, including a 1 day MLJS workshop tutorial
  • Read the full Release Notes

Looking for intro information?

  • Wondering why bother? Read the Why Do I Care? page
  • Show me the MLJS Browser Widgets! - Visit the Gallery

Main Documentation

Detailed information

Further information

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