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MLJS Rest is a test application I've created for the Browser widgets in MLJS. Below are some screenshots. You can download the entire app from the /apps/mljsrest folder on GitHub. It's a Roxy project, so easy to deploy in MarkLogic!

Fig 1. Main search page in MLJS Rest

Fig 2. Snippet search

Fig 3. Highcharts and Search working together

Fig 4. Viewing a XHTML document stored in MarkLogic

Fig 5. Geospatial search with an OpenLayers map using OpenStreetMap data, and a Google address lookup. Also shown is the structured search selection widget, used to select the range index scoring method used in the query.

Fig 6. Co-occurence. Note the 3-way co-occurence at the bottom left. MLJS support N-way co-occurence.

Fig 7. Sparql query widgets. The interactive sparql query bar makes it easy for business users to find data. Other widgets allow the world around that data to be explored.

Fig 8. The (Beta quality) Workplace page rendering from a JSON page description document. Note the page edit link on the top-right

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