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This tutorial will get you started with a Node.js application against a MarkLogic V6+ default install very quickly


  • MarkLogic V6+ installed with admin account user/pass as admin/admin
  • Node.js V0.8+ installed


Use NPM to install MLJS:-

npm install mljs

Basic use to save a document, then fetch it again:-

Create a file called hellosearch.js with the following content:-

  var mljs = require("mljs");
  var db = new mljs(); // default options
  db.save({from: "test", to: "all", body: "wibble"},"/messages/1", {collection: "messages"},function(result) {
    // now fetch it
    db.get("/messages/1", function(result) {
      // now print it
      console.log("Doc content: " + JSON.stringify(result.doc));
      // now delete it
      db.delete("/messages/1", function(result) {
        console.log("Doc deleted");

Now execute this with:-

node hellosearch.js

You should see the output produced.

Where now?

For a comprehensive list of samples, visit the Node.js test scripts here: https://github.com/adamfowleruk/mljs/tree/master/test

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