Workplace Application

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The Workplace Application is a pre-built app that requires no coding in order to create an entire application!

You simply deploy this standard app, attaching it to your content database. Then you log to the web application with your browser, and start creating pages by dragging and dropping widgets!

  • All application navigation works automatically - your new pages will appear in the navigation bar instantly!
  • No need to write any code - the interactive configuration pages guide you through each widget's settings
  • Link pages to each other - explore semantic information about Subjects mentioned in Documents
  • Plug in your own functionality - add a single JavaScript file to add new search result renderers, custom widgets, or a new BootStrap CSS theme

The Workplace Application makes use of the several Workplace related widgets in MLJS in order to provide a ready to use application out of the box (OOTB).

This sounds too good to be true!

Good! It's intended to reduce application creation times from weeks to hours. Time is critical both in pre-sales when creating new customer demonstrations, but also to the customers themselves when building solutions.

The Workplace Application shows how easy it is to create re-usable browser widgets and make them easy to link together in a multi page application.

Take a look at the [Workplace Application Images](wiki/Workplace Application Images) for details

How to install it

  1. Download the app-workplace.tar.gz file from the dist folder
  2. Unzip to a new directory
  3. Change in to the dist/app-workplace directory
  4. Follow the instructions (open with a text editor)
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