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A directory web-service written in PHP to go allong with a CAS authentication server. Allows returning of attributes specified in the CAS services managment tool.

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Copyright © 2009, Middlebury College
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Author: 	Adam Franco
Date:		2009-04-06


For documentation on this service, see:

== Installation ==
1. Copy to
2. Change config options as appropriate.
3. Make the index.php accessible on a websever.

== Change-Log ==
	- Can now be configured with multiple group base DNs for search.
	  Fixes issue:
	- Added support for returning children of OUs.
	- Now does not duplicate wildcards included in the search string.
	- Added support for clearing the cache on notification from an external service.
	- Added support for a new 'get_all_users' action to allow user-accounts to be
	  synced with remote systems.

	- Moved the PHPCAS path out of the config as it is now included as a submodule.

	- Added support for returning only attributes specified in the CAS Services Management tool.
	- Added an 'include_membership' parameter to all requests allowing applications that aren't
	  interested in the group-membership of users to avoid wasting time fetching that data.
	- Group membership requests now traverse AD groups to return parent groups.
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