A Drupal module that creates Drupal event nodes for events sourced from remote calendars (such as R25).
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Middlebury Event Sync

This module provides an interface between calendaring systems (Currently R25) and Drupal, importing calendar events as Drupal nodes. Calendar events will be associated with a location taxonomy, the terms of which hold location details.

Importing locations

Because the R25 event feeds include only the formal name of the location and not any other details (such as the room-code, building-code, or address), this data needs to be sourced from other locations.

Staff in the scheduling office can export an Excel spreadsheet of all location details. These can then be converted via the locations_to_yaml Drupal CLI command to convert them into a YAML file that can then be imported into the site using the yaml_content module.

At this point, address details must be added manually. This may be scripted in the future if a data-source can be located.

Steps to import/update the location taxonomy:

Get the location Excel XML export from Kristina Simmons or someone else in the

scheduling office. There should be one called something like All Monterey Spaces 2017.xml and one called All Middlebury Spaces 2017.xml.

Put that xml file on the dev server somewhere, such as your home directory.

cd to the drupal site-root for the site you want to update. e.g.

  cd ~/drupal8-institute/

Run the locations_to_yaml command to update the YAML file with updated data:

  drupal middlebury_event_sync:locations_to_yaml profiles/institute_profile/
  content/locations.content.yml ~/All\ Monterey\ Spaces\ 2017.xml

Use yaml_content to import/update the taxonomy in dev and verify no errors:

  drush8 yaml-content-import-profile institute_profile

Commit changes to the institute_profile and deploy to production.

In production, import/update the institute_profile using yaml_content:

  drush8 yaml-content-import-profile institute_profile