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The files in gr-messageutils are useful for experimenting with Message Passing in GNU Radio (ver 3.7 or later).


Naviagate to your desired install directory. This should be outside of the main GNU Radio source code directory. From the terminal:

git clone
cd gr-messageutils
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig


###PDU Splitter Split one PDU into several (for parallel processing and the like). Works like the Stream Mux block, but in reverse and with PDUs. Specify the length of each PDU. The PDU received at the input will be split and output sequentially (first part at out0, second at out1, etc...).

###Socket PDU Repacker Floats are sent over UDP as bytes (4 bytes per float). The Socket PDU Repacker block repacks the received vector of bytes as a vector of floats fixing the data type and the vector length so they can be read by other blocks.

The direction is set as Input (from external socket to GNU Radio blocks) or Output (from GNU Radio blocks to an external socket)

###PDU Debug

Adds a few options for debugging PDUs. Can select to print just the contents of the metadata to the console. The data type of the PDU data blob is selectable. ASCII strings can be decoded from a PDU with its data in byte format. Byte order (reversed or not) can be selected.

###Vector PDU Source

Creates a PDU with data blob containing elements of a vector. Type is selectable (float and byte are implemented as of now). User can set period with which the message is sent and optionally set a limit on the number of messages sent.

###Message Threshold Switch

If the value of data contained in a message is below a threshold the block copies its input to 'above'. If the value of data is below the threshold the block copies its input to 'below'.

###Add Constant From Message

Adds an offset to the input data stream based on value received from a message.


Collection of custom blocks for experimenting with Message Passing



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