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LudumDare game
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eclipse workspace/Escape From the Pit


This Android game was written in under 48 hours - the code isn't perfect - but it's also a good example of writing an Entity-System based game *quickly*.

If you don't know about Entity Systems, read about them first - e.g. at

I'm releasing this code for people who follow the Entity Systems research - if you don't, I'm sorry - you'll get no support from me.


 1. Download this git repository
 2. Open it in Eclipse as a workspace
 3. Download the other java proejct -
 4. In Eclipse, do "Add Project" and add the directory of that other project - it should create a new project in your workspace, called "EntitySystemJava"

...and then it should all work fine. I'm sure there's something I've forgotten somewhere, but you should be able to sort it out yourself - I'm not really expecting people to USE this code or RUN this project, I'm sharing it as an example of source that you can READ.
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