PHP Client got poking HTTP Archive (HAR) files.
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PHPHARchive -- A programatic way of getting HAR information


HAR files contain all sorts of interesting information that can be used when automating functional testing of browser-based applications;

  • how many items were downloaded
  • what took the most time to download
  • how many things were not from domains we control
  • were there any 404's
  • how many redirects just happened
  • etc.

Getting a proxy to generate these files is not overly difficult but there was not a project in PHP that could nicely parse and extract information with. So I wrote one.

PHPHARchive should parse and validate both 1.1 and 1.2 schema versions of the HAR specification. Unfortunately it does it rather brute-forcely as the existing projects for doing JSON Schema in PHP either don't seem to work or are not packaged for distribution via PEAR.


PHPHARchive has been packaged for distribution via PEAR. So...

    pear channel-discover
    pear install -f element-34/PHPHARchive


  • Getting all Entries for a particular page

    $h = new PHPHARchive_HAR('your.har');
    $entries = $h->get_entries_by_page_ref("page_1_0");
  • Looking for a particular status

    $h = new PHPHARchive_HAR('your.har');
    $entries = $h->get_entries_by_page_ref("page_1_0");
    $four_oh_fours = array();
    foreach ($entries as $entry) {
      if ($entry->response->status == 404) {
        array_push($four_oh_fours, $entry);