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@adamgreig's KiCAD Library

This repository contains my collection of KiCAD symbols, footprints, and related files.

Every symbol and footprint is very carefully checked against either the relevant standard (generally IPC-7351B) or specific manufacturer footprints. Many are procedurally generated from a simple set of dimensions, which ensures consistency and correctness. My objective is to have a useful collection of correct parts that all look consistent and work well together.

I encourage other people to use these parts; they're all licensed under a permissive MIT licence and it's easy to simply copy one or two files from the repository, or submodule the entire repo.

Contributions are also very welcome; please open a pull request and I will carefully review the proposed additions. All contributions are likewise licensed under the MIT licence.

A number of automatic rules are checked against every footprint and symbol on each commit by the build system. The current status is: Build Status

Schematic Symbols

To use, add relevant .kicad_sym files to your project libraries. There is one .kicad_sym file per symbol.

Alternatively add agg-kicad.kicad_sym from the root directory, which includes all symbols. This file is built using scripts/ and kept up-to-date automatically.

Each part contains supplier order codes and manufacturer part numbers where possible and sensible. Parts are drawn as per the conventions in lib/, based on the KiCAD project conventions.

Symbols for many ICs and other "black-box" parts are drawn automatically from .yaml files in the relevant directories, using the script. Check some of these out for an example of the syntax etc.

Check the README in each library folder for details and notes on each part.

PCB Footprints

To use, add agg.pretty to your project libraries, with nickname agg recommended for compatibility with the schematic symbols.

Where possible footprints are based on the appropriate standards and follow the conventions in agg.pretty/, based on the KiCAD project conventions.

Many footprints for 2-terminal chip devices and 2- or 4- row SMD ICs are automatically generated using the and scripts, which contain the parametric specifications for all the footprints they should build. This includes things like 0402 resistors, DFN and QFP ICs, and similar sorts of footprints.


StickerBOM is a script to convert your BOM into a PDF to print onto sticker labels, one label per BOM item. The labels have a drawing of the PCB to show you where that item goes, which makes hand assembly a lot nicer!

Check the wiki page for more information on StickerBOM.


See the README in the scripts folder for detailed information on each script.

The only requirement is PyYAML for some of the build scripts: sudo pip install pyyaml or similar.


You can use the Makefile to:

  • Rebuild all built-from-parameter files with make build
    • Just libraries with make build-libs
    • Just modules (footprints) with make build-mods
  • Verify all built-from-parameter files are up-to-date with make build-verify
  • Recompile all compiled outputs with make compile
  • Verify all compiled outputs are up-to-date with make compile-verify
  • Verify both built and compiled outputs with make verify
  • Check all files against rules with make check
    • Just libraries with make check-lib
    • Just modules with make check-mod

Travis-CI is configured to run make check and make verify and reports the resulting status as the build status: Build Status

Additionally in scripts/ is pre-commit that stops any commits that do not pass make check and make build-verify, and post-commit that runs make compile-verify and if any compiled files are not up to date, recompiles them and commits the result. Copy these to .git/hooks for use.


All content licensed under the MIT licence. See LICENSE.


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