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An IRC bot written in Python
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MomoBot is a small IRC bot written in Python that is simple to extend with
new commands and reasonably fault tolerant. It was and is written to delight
and entertain the community of a small IRC room.
MomoBot is hosted on GitHub and licensed under the BSD license (see LICENSE).

The easiest way to extend MomoBot is by adding a new command: a module
containing a class is made for each group of commands and placed inside the
commands/ directory. Check out for a simple example. Classes must be
named after the module with a capital first letter only. The class constructor
is passed a reference to the active Bot instance; it's probably best to store
this in the class ( = bot) and then you can use its IRC member for
sending data over IRC. Commands are registered with bot.register_command(
command name, command function) and the function is passed a data dictionary
containing 'channel', 'username' and 'message'.

Hey, maybe we'll even write some proper documentation. Anything's possible!

If you're not despairing by now, you can grab the code:
Where you can also fork, patch, send a pull req, etc etc

- MomoBot Authors
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