Declarative custom event binding for Surplus applications
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Declarative custom event binding for Surplus applications

Most of the time, we can attach event handlers to Surplus nodes by using the on...={...} DOM properties:

<button onclick={handleClick}>Click me!</button>

However, this doesn't work in two cases:

  1. If we're trying to attach to a custom event -- my-custom-event -- there are no DOM properties for it.
  2. If we want to attach multiple handlers for the same event -- the DOM properties can only have one handler.

Surplus-mixin-on is a small fn={...} mixin for Surplus applications that addresses both of these.

// custom events
<div fn={on('my-custom-event', handleCustomEvent)}></div>

// multiple handlers
<div fn={on('click', handleClick1)} 
     fn={on('click', handleClick2)}

Under the hood, surplus-mixin-on uses the addEventListener() method on the nodes rather than the event handler properties.