A simple library class which helps with loading dynamic JNI libraries stored in the JAR archive
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Native Utils

A simple library class which helps with loading dynamic libraries stored in the JAR archive. These libraries usualy contain implementation of some methods in native code (using JNI - Java Native Interface).


  • The temporary file is stored into temp directory specified by java.io.tmpdir (by default it’s the operating system’s temporary directory). It should be automatically deleted when the application exits.
  • Although the code has some try-finally section (to be sure that streams are closed properly in case an exception is thrown), it does not catch exceptions. The exception has to be handled by the application. I belive this approach is cleaner and has some benefits.


To load the dynamic library, just make sure it is packed inside the JAR archive and call method loadLibraryFromJar:

import cz.adamh.NativeUtils;
public class HelloJNI {  
    static {   
        try {    
        } catch (IOException e) {
            // This is probably not the best way to handle exception :-)    
    public native void hello();    

More information

More information can be found in accompanying blog post.