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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import ligatures
def stats(words, lig_map):
# Determine how many words with ligatures removed become ambiguous when we
# try to add the ligatures back.
num_ambiguous = 0
for word in lig_map.lig_words:
substrs = lig_map.split(word)
candidates = lig_map.query_word(substrs)
if len(candidates) > 1:
num_ambiguous += 1
# Statistics.
num_words = len(words)
num_lig_words = len(lig_map.lig_words)
lig_percent = num_lig_words / num_words * 100
ambiguous_percent = num_ambiguous / num_lig_words * 100
total_ambiguous_percent = num_ambiguous / num_words
print('{} of {} words contain ligatures ({:.2f}%).'.format(num_lig_words,
print(('{} of {} words with ligatures are ambiguous ({:.2f}%; {:.4f}% of '
'all words).').format(num_ambiguous, num_lig_words,
ambiguous_percent, total_ambiguous_percent))
def main():
with open('words.txt') as f:
words = set(
# Build the ligature map if it doesn't already exist.
if not os.path.isdir('data'):
lig_map ='data')
lig_map = ligatures.load('data')
stats(words, lig_map)
if __name__ == '__main__':