Simulation of prey escaping a predator, displaying swarm intelligence.
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Predator Prey Simulation

Simulates a flock of birds, similar to the artificial life program Boids. This simulation also introduces a 'predator': a specific type of boid that hunts others, which are known as the 'prey'. Try the simulation here.


The prey move based on a number of rules:

  • Prey like to travel in the direction as each other.
  • Prey like to be close to the rest of the flock.
  • Prey try to avoid hitting others that are too close.
  • Prey flee from predators who get close.

The predators are much simpler, and follow only a single rule:

  • Chase (and kill, if possible) the nearest prey.


Launch the simulation by selecting the number of predators and prey with which to start, and then press the 'Launch' button. The simulation can be paused and played again by clicking on the canvas. Various parameters can be altered by adjusting the different sliders.


MIT license. See the LICENSE file for the full terms.