Software code for the MTE 380 autonomous robot project.
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Ramp Bot

This code was written for the MTE 380 Robotic Project course.

The objective of the course was to build a robot that could traverse an obstacle course. The obstacle course consisted of two 8 foot by 8 foot sections separated by a 3 foot high wall. The wall had a ramp leading up and down the wall at an angle of 30 degrees. The goal was to get from a specified point on one side of the wall to a another specified point on the other side of wall. Since our robot climbed the ramp.

This is (very close to) the code that ran on the robot during the competition, which the robot completed successfully.


For this project, we were required to use an Arduino Mega with an Atmega 2560 chip. The Arduino IDE can be downloaded here.



The main entry point of the code is the robot/robot.ino sketch. Libraries in use are in the libraries directory. Libraries are present for some of the different sensors in use, as well as the PID control algorithm. Our own custom library, called Everest, is also included.


Software tests are located in the tests directory.


Basic calibration code for the various sensors is present in the calib directory.


This isn't a huge software project so we needn't be too stringent here, but let's not make a mess. Keep lines to a length of 80 characters. When in doubt, follow the Google Style Guide.