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Manages EC2 nodes with Capistrano, iClassify and Puppet.


	capistrano 2+
	right_aws (gem install right_aws)


	First, populate the config/ec2.rb file with your EC2 info, iClassify URI, and the location of your puppet server.
  Update the ec2/simple.rb with an Ubuntu AMI, pre-configured with:

		1. An authentication scheme that matches your puppet master (users with matching passwords)
		2. icagent, facter and puppet
	I started with the Ubuntu Hardy AMIs.
	Make sure you populate the icagent directory of this checkout to contain your particular
	icagent recipes - they will be copied to the AMI at creation.

	Create new EC2 instances:
	  cap -S host_type=simple create
		cap -S host_type=simple -S number=10 # launch 10 instances
	Terminate EC2 instances:
		cap QUERY="ec2:true" terminate # kill all ec2 nodes in iClassify
		cap QUERY="tag:monkey" terminate # kill all the monkey servers
	Describe running instances:
		cap describe_instances

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