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iClassify allows for the easy registration and classification of nodes. Most of the time, a node is a server. With iClassify:

  • Nodes register themselves with a central web service, including reporting Facter facts.
  • You can then tag those nodes, and add manual attributes.
  • You can search the nodes with a full text search engine
  • You can write recipies for icagent to auto-classify and auto-attribute your nodes.
  • You can tie it in to Puppet as an external node classification tool, enabling you to easily configure hundreds of nodes at a time.
  • You can tie it in to Capistrano, and have a dynamic ad-hoc configuration tool, see CapistranoTask.

iClassify is under development at this stage, but is in use in several different production scenarios. You can read the install instructions to get started.


Because people like them a lot, we have a bunch of screen shots. Feel free to add more of your own installation.


You can also use our live demo!

Starting Points

  • icagent — Working with icagent
  • icsearch — Using icsearch to query iclassify

More help

You can visit us on IRC, Freenode, #iclassify. (or #puppet)

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