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Everyone loves screenshots. These were provided by Trusera, a client of HJK Solutions who graciously allowed their production system to be photographed.
Big love to Trusera.


iClassify supports internal logins, as well as LDAP.


This is what you see when you first log in. You have a space for any unclassified nodes (Nodes that have just registered), a list of all the nodes in the network, full text search box, and a list of all the tags present in the system.


This is a close up of the All Tags box. This lists every tag in iClassify, along with all the systems they relate to. You can add and remove tags to hosts from here quickly and easily, along with add new tags.

Here is an example of auto-complete in action when adding a node to a tag

Unclassified Nodes

When a node is first added to iClassify, it will be tagged with “unclassified”. These nodes appear on the dashboard in this search box, where you can quickly tag them in bulk.

The tag cloud in the Unclassified Nodes block makes it easy to click through the tags you have already specified when classifying new nodes.

Node Details

Each Node in iClassify has basic details, like a description and notes.

Also, a whole range of attributes are dynamically recorded for each node.

And they are easily edited:

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