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Planning Process

GOLDIE NAUTS - Project 3

Group Members

Planning and User Story

Goldie Nauts is a cosmology application that host information about astronauts, planets within our solar system, and 'Astronomy Picture Of the Day'.

Initially our teams ERD plan consisted of two models with no association. We decided to create a space exploration application where users can:

  • Navigate to a model’s content by clicking on a dynamic button.
  • When a user navigates to a different page they can also have the option to navigate to the top of a page and back to the homepage with an additional floating navigation.
  • Read about some of NASA’s active astronauts.
  • View and read about planets in our solar system.
  • View and read about 'Astronomy Picture Of the Day'(external API from NASA). Previous 'APOD' is available by choosing the previous date.

Work Assignments

Original Plan HTML/CSS/JS: Jeong

Angular: Stormy

Rails: Adam

Actual Plan HTML/CSS/JS: Jeong, Adam, Stormy

Angular: Jeong, Stormy, Adam

Rails: Adam, Stormy

Technologies used

AngularJS | Ruby on Rails | HTML5 | CSS | jQuery | JSON

How did we decided on this technology?

Ultimately, we were decided on Jeong’s idea to create an application using NASA’s data. The entire team was very interested in using cosmology data as our projects content.

Unsolved Issues


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