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= NameFile

This is a fun web app that shows you how awesome your name is. It's coded in
Quebec and designed for "Quebecois" names--that is, families that have been in
Quebec for a while. (This makes the app less fun for many people. Unfortunately,
Citizenship and Immigration Canada doesn't publish names because of privacy.)

All data is in db/*.csv. None of this is original data, so please do not cite
us or redistribute without permission from the original sources. Our
methodology is public-domain; you may recreate this dataset from original
sources by following the instructions in db/SOURCES.

== Sources

* Stanley Cup winners and Montreal Canadiens players:
* Ordre national du Québec:
* Order of Canada: the Governor General of Canada:
* Montreal metro stations: public knowledge
* Quebec Top 1000: Institut de la statistique Québec:
* Quebec streets: Statistics Canada:

For more on methodology, refer to db/SOURCES.

== Technical details

1. We create a bunch of CSV files, mostly through Ruby scripts in script/scrape/.
2. We run script/ It loads all CSVs into memory, iterates over every name, spits out the name's awesomeness data in JSON format, and saves it to simple SQLite3 database.
3. A simple back-end script, either server/backend/ or server/backend/server.php, takes name as input and provides JSON as output. It's only a database lookup.
4. Users view server/web/index.en.html (and .fr.html), which requests the JSON from the back-end script.

=== How to run it

You will need Python 3 and a shell to run your own server.

1. Run `script/ server/backend/names.sqlite3` to compile the CSV files into something server-ready.
2. Run `cd server/backend; uwsgi --http :8080 -m` to run that server on `http://localhost:8080`.
3. Test the backend server by checking a URL: `http://localhost:8080/names/montreal/hooper.json`. You should see some JSON, because "hooper" is in the database.
4. While that's waiting, run `cd server/web; python3 -m http.server 11111` to run a simple web server in the server/web/ folder.
5. Make sure `server/web/names.js` (and, for that matter, `server/src/`) has a `BACKEND_URL` of `http://localhost:8080/names/montreal`.
5. Browse to `http://localhost:11111/index.en.html`.

=== How to change things

* Edit `server/web/index.en.html` to change the HTML.
* Edit `server/src/` to edit the CoffeeScript source. Download CoffeeScript at, and use it like this: `coffee -w -c -o server/web server/src/`. Keep the program running, and it'll update the JavaScript as you write CoffeeScript.
* Edit `server/src/names.scss` to edit the SCSS stylesheet. Download Sass at, and use it like this: `scss --watch server/src/names.scss:server/web/names.css`. Keep the program running, and it'll update the CSS as you write SCSS.

=== How to report bugs

Please use the GitHub Issues pane.

== License

* All non-minified source code is public-domain. (The minified JavaScript files have their licenses inline.)
* All data technically isn't public-domain, but you can reproduce it using the public-domain code.