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= Data files

Here's how we accessed data for all these files

vancouver.csv: Vancouver bicycle accidents.
  Years: 2006 to 2010
  Source: Vancouver Police Department
  License: Public domain
    - merged deaths and accidents into single spreadsheet with "fatal" column
    - changed Jul 26 to Jul 28 for 2006 accident at Clark/Grandview

calgary.csv: Calgary bicycle accidents.
  Years: 1996 to 2011
  Source: Calgary Police Department
  License: Public domain
    - formatted into prettier text
    - Replaced strings like "On RICHMOND RD SW between SARCEE TR SW & 51 S" with
      strings like "RICHMOND RD SW at SARCEE TR SW", for Google's geocoder

ottawa.csv: Ottawa bicycle accidents.
  Years: 1999 to 2010 (details only in 2006-2010)
  Source: Ottawa Police Service & City of Ottawa
  License: Public domain
    - Transcribed details from paper copy for 2006-2010

toronto.csv: Toronto bicycle accidents.
  Years: 1986 to 2010
  License: Public domain
    - removed many columns
    - removed rows with malformed dates and integers
    - set time-of-day on rows with malformed times to 00:00

halifax.csv: Nova Scotia bicycle accidents.
  Years: 2006 to 2010
  Source: Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
    Collected and provided to SNSMR by policing agencies
  License: Public domain
    "Charges": police charges against the motor vehicle driver.

      122 (2) The driver of a vehicle who has stopped as required by law at 
      the entrance to a through highway shall yield to other vehicles 
      within the intersection or approaching so closely on the through 
      highway as to constitute an immediate hazard, but said driver having 
      so yielded may proceed, and other vehicles approaching the 
      intersection on the through highway shall yield to the vehicle so 
      proceeding into or across the through highway. 

      83 (2)  It shall be an offence for the driver of any vehicle or for 
      the motorman of any street car to disobey the instructions of any 
      official traffic sign or signal placed in accordance with this Act, 
      unless otherwise directed by a peace officer. R.S., c. 293, s. 83.

      93 (2)  The drivers of vehicles, pedestrians, and all other traffic 
      approaching or at an intersection or on a part of the highway 
      controlled by any of the traffic signals mentioned in subsection (1) 
      shall act in obedience to the traffic signals in accordance with the 
      following instructions: 

      97 (4)  Any peace officer who is a witness to or who investigates any 
      accident in which a vehicle upon a highway is involved, whether or 
      not required to be reported under this Section, shall forward to the 
      Registrar, in addition to any other report that may be required under 
      this Section, a report setting forth full particulars of the 
      accident, the names and addresses of the persons involved, the extent 
      of the personal injuries or property damage, if any, and such other 
      information as may enable the Registrar to determine whether any 
      driver involved in or contributing to the accident should be 
      prosecuted, and where the peace officer or any other person has laid 
      an information against a driver of a vehicle in connection with such 
      accident, such fact shall be stated in the report. 

      (1) In this Section, "bicycle" includes any device designated to 
      transport passengers and to be drawn by a bicycle.
      (2) No person shall ride on or operate a bicycle unless the person is 
      wearing a bicycle helmet that complies with the regulations and the 
      chin strap of the helmet is securely fastened under the chin.

      171 (2) No person shall ride a bicycle, tricycle, or similar machine 
      on a sidewalk, provided, nothing in this Section shall be deemed or 
      construed to prevent the use of velocipedes or similar machines by 
      children on a sidewalk in a public square, park, city or town. 
      (3)  Where a roadway has a bicycle lane for bicycles travelling in 
      the same direction that a cyclist is travelling, the cyclist shall 
      ride in the bicycle lane unless it is impracticable to do so. 

      (I have to look into this one: I don't think it's right)
      174A  (1) Notwithstanding Section 174, every motor vehicle equipped 
      with one or more headlamps must be equipped with lighted daytime 
      running lights or lighted headlamps at all times while being operated 
      upon a highway within the Province.

      (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a motor vehicle registered as an 
      antique vehicle. 2008, c. 62, s. 2.

= Finding latitudes and longitudes.

Use the script `../importer/` to import each CSV file. To import
them all, run `../importer/`.

Google's terms of service forbid us from redistributing latitudes and
longitudes in any city except Toronto (where our initial dataset included
latitudes and longitudes). That's why you can't download them.

The importer can only geocode a certain number of accidents per day: a Google
geocoder limit. Just wait 24 hours and re-start it.

= Corrections

We used Google's geocoder to find locations based on the addresses here.
Sometimes, Google would return the wrong location. We tried to detect every
error, then offer a correction: another address Google would be able to
geocode correctly. These are in the `CITY-geocoding-errors.txt` files. Each
line looks like "bad address--good address".

After geocoding, we ran `../importer/` on each of the
`CITY-geocoding-errors.txt` files to correct the latitudes and longitudes.
Where an address made no sense, we positioned it at (0, 0).

= Google Fusion Tables

After all this is done, we need CSV files to upload to Google Spreadsheets.
Run `../importer/` to export a CSV per city.
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