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Simple Infinite Nested Treelist plugin for jQuery

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TreeList for jQuery

This is a super simple jQuery treelist. It supports an infinite depth of nested lists.
The first version currently only supports using <ul>, varying html support to be added in the future cough cough feel free to fork it.

The span.expander can be any element with any class. It does however need to be inside the <li> that contains the nested <ul>

To kick off the treelist, just use $('#nav').treelist() with the selector being the outermost <ul> element. To change the "expander" class, just use

The list will also hide any sub menu that doesn't belong to an li with the class of open. This is done via javascript so that it degrades nicely.


To run it, use as follows. This will look for an element with an id "nav".. Check out the example.html file for more info


Accepted options

expander: sets the selector for the clickable expander (notice it's a full selector, including the .)

  expander: '.some-other-class'

speed: the speed at which the slide up/down animation should run. These are jquery speed options for toggle(). so 'slow', 'fast', etc.

  speed: 'slow'
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