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Git fork of rbet - a Ruby wrapper for the Exact Target API

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== Ruby Library for ExactTarget

  This is an attempt to make integrating easier with ExactTarget.  ExactTarget is 
  an email newsletter system designed to make it easy to setup timely newsletters.
  Exact Target:
  Exact Target API:

== Adding rbet to a Rails Project
  If you are using Git to manage your rails project and would like to add rbet as a submodule:
    git submodule add git:// vendor/rbet
  Then in the bottom of your environment.rb, or in an initializer, add:

    require File.join(RAILS_ROOT, 'vendor', 'rbet', 'lib', 'et.rb')

== Development Notes
  Original development work was performed by Todd A. Fisher.
  Forking development to GitHub + minor development additions/changes by Shanti A. Braford.
== Contributing

  If you'd like to contribute, fork a copy of the repo on GitHub.
  When you have patch(es) ready, contact me

== Notes

  2000 character limit for each attribute

== Win32 Notes

  This has not been tested on Windows.  May the force be with you, young win32 jedi =)
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