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Videoclip is a video transcoding processor for Thoughbot's Paperclip plugin. It allows you to easily transcode/resize video using FFMPEG.


script/plugin install git://
script/plugin install git://

You'll also need FFMPEG installed, which isn't always straight-forward. Sometimes it's downright frustrating. FFMPEG needs to be compiled with any codecs you want to use (many of which aren't open source).

If you're using Ubuntu, this link should help . On a Mac, using Mac Ports, you should be able to install everything necessary with: sudo port install ffmpeg +lame +libogg +vorbis +faac +faad +xvid +x264 +a52 +gpl


Usage is similar to image styles in Paperclip:

class Episode < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_attached_file :video,
    :styles => {
      :mov        => {:size => '600x400', :format => 'mov'},
      :avi        => {:size => '600x400', :format => 'avi'},
      :thumbnail  => {:size => '150x100', :format => 'jpg', :disable_audio => true, :rate => 1, :video_frames => 1, :force_format => 'image2'}
    :processors => [:transcode]

The :processors => [:transcode] bit is crucial.

:format is the only required parameter, and should be the extension of the output file. FFMPEG will attempt to use some sensible defaults based on the extension.

See the wiki for a full list of options, or check out the ffmpeg_options method in lib/transcode.rb.

You can also pass in additional arguments with :options => 'FFMPEG OPTIONS' if you like. See for details. For example:

has_attached_file :video,
  :styles => {
    :default_channel    => {:format => 'flv', :options => '-tvstd NTSC'},
    :alternate_channel  => {:format => 'flv', :options => '-vc 2 -tvstd NTSC'}
  :processors => [:transcode]

How about another example? This will convert the uploaded video to a .mov with h.264 compression. (Beware, I haven't actually tested this. It might not come out well.)

has_attached_file :video,
  :styles => {
    :mov => {
      :format         => 'mov',
      :video_codec    => 'libx264',
      :audio_codec    => 'libmp3lame',
      :bitrate        => '500k',
      :video_bitrate  => '408k',
      :audio_bitrate  => '92k'
  :processors => [:transcode]


  • For the time being, transcoding is done before the object is saved. If there's an error, you'll get a warning similar to what you'd see if the object failed validation. Obviously, it would be nicer if transcoding were passed off to a queue instead. Stay tuned.

  • 2-pass encoding isn't supported (yet).

  • I highly doubt it'll work on Windows. If you've got a Windows box and a bit of patience, let me know.


Released under the MIT license. Copyright © 2009 Ben Shymkiw. A copy of the MIT license can be found in the MIT-LICENSE file.


This is my first publicly released plugin. If you have any suggestions, comments, or if you find a bug, please drop me a line.