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The AR1010 FM Receiver Breakout Board is a miniature FM radio receiver whose parameters can be controlled over an I2C ('two-wire') or an SPI ('three-wire') serial interface, thus making it ideal for connection to an Arduino.

The AR1010lib library uses the I2C serial protocol, accessed through the Arduino's analog in pins 4 & 5. It allows for custom initialisation, and the setting of tuning frequency, volume, hardmute and softmute values. Although the library probably isn't feature complete, it shouldn't be difficult to add in higher-level methods using the available programming guide and some of the lower-level methods available in the library.

(The programming guide for the Airoha AR1000 (version 0.81, RevF) is also suitable for the AR1010, and contains accurate register maps of the module's functionality.)


  1. Install the AR1010lib library, following the instructions in the Contributed Libraries section on the Arduino Libraries page
  2. Make sure to add #include <ar1010lib.h> to the beginning of any necessary Sketchbook file
  3. Add the Arduino's Wire library here too



  1. Connect AR1010 Data To to Arduino Analog in 4
  2. Connect AR1010 Clock to Arduino Analog in 5


  1. Define an AR1010 instance: AR1010 radio = AR1010();
  2. Optionally define an array to set the AR1010's registers. This should be of type word and 18 elements large. Refer to the programming guide for the configurations of the registers

Setup() method

  1. Begin I2C comms with the Wire library: Wire.begin();
  2. Initialise the AR1010 instance: radio.initialise(); - optionally pass register array as argument here
  3. Add a one-second delay: delay(1000);

The rest

Access library methods through the AR1010 instance; for example, to set the radio frequency use radio.setFrequency(910); to set it to 91.0MHz. Methods available are:

  • seek([char direction]): seek (autotune) to next station - pass u to seek up and d to seek down
  • frequency(): get current radio frequency - measured in tenths of MHz, so 934 equates to 93.4MHz
  • setFrequency([int frequency]): set radio FM frequency directly - measured in tenths of MHz, so 934 equates to 93.4MHz
  • setHardmute([bool mute_on]): set radio hard mute
  • setSoftmute([bool mute_on]): set radio soft mute
  • setSeekThreshold([int threshold]): set seek (autotune) threshold, or the point at which the radio will decide a given frequency is a station
  • setVolume([int volume]): set radio volume, at integer between 0-18


AR1010 FM radio module library for Arduino




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