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  • PostCSS plugin to transform CSS for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    JavaScript 1 MIT Updated Feb 22, 2018
  • Upload files to S3 with asynchronous rules

    JavaScript 2 1 MIT Updated Nov 19, 2017
  • Restrict access to S3 files with an AWS API Gateway custom authorizer

    HCL 5 MIT Updated Oct 27, 2017
  • Personal Site

    HTML Updated Oct 13, 2017
  • Fix the header, footer, left or right columns of a table in place, to always show them when scrolling

    JavaScript 76 MIT Updated Jun 4, 2015
  • Grep Tool for Windows

    C# 1 Updated Nov 4, 2014
  • A node script to parse a Wordpress Export XML file and generate individual markdown files (and an html file containing any comments) for each post.

    JavaScript Updated Apr 10, 2014
  • A user management script written in classic ASP that can be easily integrated into existing web sites.

    ASP 2 Updated Mar 29, 2014
  • Create jQuery plugins with abstracted boilerplate code.

    JavaScript Updated Dec 12, 2013
  • Alfred 2 Workflow that can be used to “paste” text into stubborn password prompts

    Updated Sep 11, 2013
  • Remotely edit files over SSH using BBEdit or TextWrangler

    Shell 10 2 Updated Mar 3, 2013
  • Custom implementation for NSOperationQueue

    Objective-C 3 Updated Jul 24, 2012
  • Displays a floating window that contains the list of files currently open in the foremost Coda window. Click on a file name to switch to the corresponding tab in Coda. Available as a Coda plug-in or a standalone app.

    Objective-C 11 Updated Aug 6, 2011
  • OS X Automator action and CLI utility to dial a US phone number with Skype

    C 4 Updated Oct 10, 2010
  • Slauncha is a Windows application that displays an on-screen menu for quickly launching Steam games using the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

    C# Updated Jul 15, 2010