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// AEURLResponseProcessors.h
// Turntable
// Created by Adam Ernst on 11/10/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011 cosmicsoft. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
// This block can be used as a parameter to |processor:| in AEURLConnection.
// It is REQUIRED that the block either returns an object and leaves the error
// parameter untouched, or sets an error and returns nil. This is enforced with
// an assertion.
typedef id (^AEURLResponseProcessor)(NSURLResponse *, id, NSError **);
extern NSString *AEURLResponseProcessorsErrorDomain;
enum {
AEURLResponseProcessorsErrorImageDecodingFailed = -100,
@interface AEURLResponseProcessors : NSObject
// A basic response processor that decodes an image, or returns an error.
+ (AEURLResponseProcessor)imageResponseProcessor;
// The real power comes when you chain processors together. This allows
// you to verify that the status code is acceptable, then that the content-type
// is what you expect, then parse JSON, and finally require that the response
// is a dictionary (not an array)--and to do it all in a declarative way.
// This means you can store the chained processor in your app and reuse it in
// different contexts, instead of duplicating the logic everywhere.
// Note that because completionHandler returns *either* an NSError *or* data,
// never both, you cannot get the document data if a response processor fails.
// If you need to access the HTTP body, you'll need to do your response
// processing the old fashioned way.
// The returned processor will run each processor in sequence. If one fails by
// returning an NSError*, processing stops immediately and the subsequent
// processors are not run.
// Just like NSArray, *the last argument must be nil.*
+ (AEURLResponseProcessor)chainedResponseProcessor:(AEURLResponseProcessor)firstProcessor, ... NS_REQUIRES_NIL_TERMINATION;
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