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Kickstart is a CSS library designed for modularity and fast page performance
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You're looking at Kickstrap's source files. Were you looking for the docs and/or main Kickstrap download instead?

About this repository

Please refer to the product folder for the latest build of Kickstrap.

At the root level, these files are used for organizing the templates and build scripts which automatically compile Kickstrap.

To build from the latest source, open the root of this repository in a terminal and run make

You can also compile only the test folder with make test or just the production folder with make prod

The makefile requires connect, uglify-js, and jshint. Run the following command to install.

$ npm install connect uglify-js jshint -g

Branches and Pull Requests

There are four main branches for development: development, canary, beta, and stable.

All pull requests should be sent to the development branch and should be made exclusively in the assets folder.

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