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Currently, there is no not-shitty way to run different apps for different pages. The user must simply define the apps that will load application wide.

This document will propose one or more solutions:


The existing difficulty with defining apps at the page level is the nature of LESS variables. They can only be set once and cannot be concatenated.

However, the @appList is immediately converted to a JavaScript array anyway. Why not let the user define application-level apps in kickstrap.less while defining apps that should run in addition on the page?

This can be done as such:

<script type="text/kickstrap">
    @appList: "chosen, pinesnotify, knockoutjs";

Javascript Array

I've already got this up and working and may go with this instead:

Anywhere on the page, you can declare "pageApps." This will be automatically added to the apps you already have defined in kickstrap.less

<script>var pageApps = ["pinesnotify", "knockoutjs"]</script>

I believe this offers the greatest flexibility since it's not a made-up language and it is the most configurable. If a developer just wanted to avoid having to go into kickstrap.less altogether, she could just put pageApps in her global header of her HTML (or a js file) and do a javaScript .concat() for other apps she wants to run page-by-page.

<!-- This is in the header of every page of the site--!>
<script>var pageApps = ["pinesnotify", "knockoutjs"]</script>

<!-- .... -->

<!-- This is only on this page. -->
<script> pageApps = pageApps.concat(["qunit"])</script>