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2.0.0 Deprecation of .ks in favor of package.json
1.2.0 Bug fixes, loose-coupling (see below table)
1.1.0 Public beta release
1.0.0 First release recommended for production
* Bug fixes from 0.9
0.9.0 Notice, 0.9.0 will be released as a developer preview. Not recommended for production.
* Makefile customized to compile Kickstrap
* All the plain css files users not compressing with less need to run kickstrap and switch themes.
* Complete documetation


(Wikipedia) In computing and systems design a loosely coupled system is one in which each of its components has, or makes use of, little or no knowledge of the definitions of other separate components.

As cool as Kickstrap is as a complete package, Kickstrap also promises to deliver to a variety of environments and preferences. In order to do this, users of Kickstrap should be able to safely remove components without having the framework break. A few of the couplings we’d like to loosen are:

  • jQuery
    • Kickstrap will still deliver with the latest version of jQuery and will have it included in sample HTML files. However, kickstrap.js should not require jQuery to run. This may have to wait until 1.3.×.
  • LESS
    • JavaScript overrides should be offered to define the rootDir, apps, and so on, allowing the user to compile to CSS once, and never use LESS to manage site configuration.