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Music ToolKit for Ruby
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Music ToolKit for Ruby

Classes for modeling music with a focus on simplicity. Support for reading/writing MIDI files and realtime MIDI.

Getting Started

gem install mtk

or download the source from here and add mtk/lib to your $LOAD_PATH. Then...

require 'mtk'

Some examples are available in the examples folder (more coming soon). The specs provide a lot of details of usage...



Alpha phase, API subject to change. Feedback welcome!


Ruby Version

Ruby 1.8+ or JRuby 1.6+


MTK's core features should not depend on anything outside of the Ruby standard library.

MTK's optional features typically require gems. Currently the following gems are required:

  • MIDI file I/O requires the midilib gem

  • realtime MIDI I/O with (MRI/YARV) Ruby requires the unimidi and gamelan gems

  • realtime MIDI I/O with JRuby require the jsound and gamelan gems

  • The custom MTK syntax (work in progress) requires the citrus gem

Development requires the gems for optional features, plus the following:

  • rake
  • rspec (tests)
  • yard (docs)

You shouldn't need to worry about the dependencies too much. A Gemfile is provided to sort this out for you:

gem install bundler
bundle install

rvm is recommended for cross version testing (see Development Notes below)



Latest for source:

Development Notes

Run Tests

Test with current version of Ruby:

 rake spec

Test with all supported versions of Ruby (requires rvm, MRI 1.8.7, YARV 1.9.2, and JRuby 1.6.3):

 rake spec:all

The spec:all test must pass for a pull request to be accepted or for a release of the mtk gem.

Generate Docs

 open doc/frames.html

or, to automatically refresh the documentation as you work:

  yard server -r
  open http://localhost:8808

Project Roadmap


  • Upcoming...

    • Added realtime MIDI output for (MRI/YARV) Ruby
  • July 8, 2011: version 0.0.2

    • Added a Sequencer module to build Timelines out of Patterns
    • Overhauled Pattern module: removed type-specific patterns, and added the Palindrome, Lines, and Function patterns
    • Patterns can now be nested (they can contain other Patterns)
    • Patterns can now be typed, to distinguish Numeric Patterns as :pitch (i.e. intervals), :intensity, :duration, or :rhythm patterns
    • Removed auto-sorting behavior from PitchClassSet to support 12-tone rows and atonal composition techniques
    • Added #quantize and #shift features to Timeline
    • Got rid of Chord class, model Chords with PitchSets or Arrays of Notes instead
    • Added support for realtime MIDI I/O with JSound (JRuby only)
    • various cleanup and reorganization
  • June 8, 2011: version 0.0.1

    • First gem release.
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