Use an Arduino to render a harmonograph image to a Waveshare 4.2" e-ink module
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Harmonograph Renderer

A small project I developed over xmas 2018 to produce this Arduino-based device:

device image

The code renders a harmonograph image to the screen as freqeuently as it can, which is around one image per minute on a standard Arduino Uno (the code is inefficient, but does the job).


  • harmonograph-sdl2: C++ software implementation of a harmonograph. Was developed against the target Arduino hardware (e.g. rendering into a bitbuffer), rather than being clean or fast. Put in this repo for archiving

  • harmonograph-arduino-uno: Arduino code for the device. Developed + uploaded through standard Arduino IDE (v1.8.8).


  • Arduino Uno (I used this kit one)

  • Waveshare 4.2 inch E-Ink Display Module (amazon)

  • ~8 jumper cables

  • A box (mine's a custom-made thing)


  • Wire the screen up to the Arduino according to standard manufacturer guide (see here)

  • Connect Arduino to computer

  • Upload harmonograph-arduino-uno project to the Arduino

  • Put it in a nice box

Known Limitations

  • Algorithm is unoptimized: takes ~1 min of constant computation to render an image

  • Because of the above, cannot run the device on a battery (too much drain to run it for multiple days)

  • Doesn't randomize the various harmonograph parameters (weightings, phases, etc.)