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OpenSim Creator OpenSim Creator Logo

A thin UI for building OpenSim models

📥 Download the latest release here


OpenSim Creator (osc) is a standalone UI for building OpenSim models. It is designed as a proof-of-concept GUI with the intent that some of its features may be merged into the official OpenSim GUI.

Architectrually, osc mostly uses C/C++ that is directly integrated against the OpenSim core API and otherwise only uses lightweight open-source libraries (e.g. SDL2, GLEW, and ImGui) that can be built from source on all target platforms. This makes osc fairly easy to build, integrate, and package.

osc started development in 2021 in the Biomechanical Engineering department at TU Delft. It is funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's "Essential Open Source Software for Science" grant (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF, 2020-218896 (5022)).

Project Sponsors
TUD logo
Biomechanical Engineering at TU Delft
CZI logo
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

🚀 Installation

🚧 ALPHA-STAGE SOFTWARE 🚧: OpenSim Creator is currently in development, so things are prone to breaking. If a release doesn't work for you, report it on the issues page, try a different 📥 release or try downloading the latest passing build from ⚡ the actions page (requires being logged into GitHub)

You can download a release from the 📥 releases page. The latest release is 📥 here. Also, OpenSim Creator is regularly built from source using GitHub Actions, so if you want a bleeding-edge--but unreleased--build of OpenSim Creator check ⚡ the actions page (downloading a CI build requires being logged into GitHub; otherwise, you won't see download links).

The release process builds installers that work slightly differently on each platform:

  • Windows Installation: Download a release, unzip it (if necessary), run the .exe self installer, follow the usual next, next, finish wizard. Run OpenSimCreator by typing OpenSimCreator in your start menu, or browse to C:\Program Files\OpenSimCreator\

  • Mac Installation: Download a release, unzip it (if necessary). Double click the dmg file to mount it, drag osc into your Applications directory. Browse to the Applications directory in Finder, right-click the osc application, click open, continue past any security warnings. After running it the first time, you can boot it as normal (e.g. Super+Space, osc, Enter)

  • Debian/Ubuntu Installation: Download a release, unzip it (if necessary). Double-click the .deb package and install it through your package manager UI. Alternatively, you can install it through the commandline: apt-get install -yf ./osc-X.X.X_amd64.deb (or similar). Once installed, the osc or OpenSim Creator shortcuts should be available from your desktop, or you can browse to /opt/osc

🏗️ Building

Because it's still early-stage, there are no full-fat build instructions available (yet). However, the build is relatively simple and typically runs end-to-end on a standard C++ development machine (e.g. one with Visual Studio and CMake installed). The GitHub action that builds OSC essentially just runs scripts in the scripts/ folder.

The build scripts below should work on a standard C++ developer's machine (as long as you have a C/C++ compiler, CMake, etc. installed):

OS ⚙️ Build Script Usage Example
Windows .bat git clone && cd opensim-creator && scripts\build_windows.bat
Mac .sh git clone && cd opensim-creator && scripts/
Ubuntu/Debian .sh git clone && cd opensim-creator && scripts/

Building Hints for Visual Studio 2022 (/w integrated CMake support)

Run the buildscript above to get a complete build. Open the opensim-creator folder in Visual Studio which, if it has in-built CMake support (later versions should), will create a CMake project. Right-click the CMakeLists.txt file to edit settings or build the project, select osc.exe as the startup item (this might require a bit of faffing around because Visual Studio tries to list every. bloody. project. in the tree, which can number in the hundreds), boot the application.