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[đź”´DISCONTINUED] Better ProcessWire text editor for developers and at least 'a little' tech savvy clients.
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[đź”´DISCONTINUED] ACE Editor v1.0.1

This module is discontinued

You might want to try InputfieldAceExtended by owzim instead.

What is this?

Better ProcessWire text editor for developers and at least 'a little' tech savvy clients.



  • Syntax highlight your text, for easier preparation of content
  • Nice light, readable theme
  • Supports Textile, Markdown & HTML
  • Mode (language/syntax) is autoselected based on used field's textformatters (last is used)
  • Works with multiple fields on page, each with different settings

Features inspired by iA writer

  • Blue Cursor
  • Focus mode

Install Note

This modules' CSS and JS were built using sass and coffee script. If you wish to keep your PW installation as sleek as possible, go ahead and delete _sass and _ace directories from your install. However, those will be (probably) recreated if you upload via Module Manager.


v1.0.1 (December 14th, 2012)

  • [fix] Bug with internalization (should work now)
  • [enh] Changed background slightly
  • [int] Recoded everything in coffee script

v1.0.0 (December 5th, 2012)

  • [add] Added Textile mode, with huge number of enhancements
  • [add] Added auto mode select (yes!)
  • [add] Added PHP mode, even though there are no means to invoke that yet
  • [enh] Enhanced quote rendering in markdown
  • [enh] Added many styles (sup,sub,cite,code,ins,del,…)
  • [fix] Fixed the default values (and saving the default values)
  • [cng] Show invisibles is off as default


  • [add] Added 'Show invisible characters as an option (on by default)'
  • [enh] Manned up feature programming
  • [fix] removed permanent option


  • fix/enhancement – added minimal version check to module, which halts install for unsupported versions


  • Added focus mode
  • blast! unfocused lines are only 40% opacity (instead 70%)
  • v0.9.6 – Fixed readme, bumped version, better screenshot


  • added HTML theme support
  • added better tag parsing
  • added underlining for URLs in tags (href, src, …)


  • added Markdown theme support
  • added better handling of bold/emphasis/list elements
  • vastly improved url/image syntax highlighting


  • find the I won't pull my hair hack to implement custom font-size / line-height
  • I added custom actvi line highlighting
  • code clean up
  • v0.7.1 – Replaced Liberation with Luxi, increased font size

~> v0.6

  • Basic ACE implementation
  • Liberation sans font
  • Textarea callback
  • This Inputfield is now configurable

Possible future features

  • Fullscreen
  • Toolbar with basic tags (really)
  • HTML+Tags support
  • Textile+Tags support
  • Markdown+Tags support
  • Inline help

Created in 2012 by Adam Kiss • Licensed under WTFPL (

Built on ACE, so all the legal mumbo-jumbo and credit goes to people that helped built it. Except the details I made better, those are all mine.