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local world data backup / restore

  • pg_dump --table=abilities --table=crits --table=areas --table=classes --table=item_drops --table=items --table=lair_monsters --table=monster_abilities --table=monster_templates --table=rooms --table=scripts --data-only --dbname=apathy_drive -Fc > priv/data.dump
  • pg_restore --dbname=apathy_drive -U apathy_drive -W -h localhost priv/data.dump

Setting up the build server

  • docker-machine create --driver virtualbox apathy-drive-build
  • eval "$(docker-machine env apathy-drive-build)"
  • word on the street is docker rmi $(docker images --filter "dangling=true" -q --no-trunc) might help if docker is being lame and running out of space


  • cap production deploy

misc db commands

  • create db: cap production db:create
  • drop / restore world data: cap production db:reload
  • reset world data (map control / mobiles): cap production deploy:reset