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Detects abnormal number of handle creations in an attempt to identify crypto ransomware encryption, or destructive malware in action
handle_monitor.exe <optional arguments>
Optional parameters:
/cycles=X - Set number of cycles before a review [Default: 10]
/threshold=X - Set suspicion threshold for number of new handles [Default: 10]
/pause=X - Set pause in milliseconds between cycles [Default: 1000]
/signed - Include signed executables in review process
/suspend - Suspend processes identified as suspicious
/verbose - Display verbose progress messages
How it works:
1. Index all file handles from all running processes
2. Pauses for /pause=X amount of time
3. Checks again, adding new handles to the index, and keeping a tally
4. After /cycles=X iterations, perform an analysis
5. Analysis checks whether any processes have created /threshold=X or more new handles
6. If so, will either raise an alert, or /suspend the process (if required)
By default, it only looks for unsigned executables (to reduce noise), but signed can be included with /signed
SANS blog on subject:
YouTube demo:
If you get an error about msvcr120.dll being missing, install the microsoft runtime libraries:
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