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** JMP2IT v1.4 - Created by Adam Kramer [2014] - Inspired by Malhost-Setup **

This will allow you to transfer EIP control to a specified offset within a file containing shellcode and then pause to support a malware analysis investigation

The file will be mapped to memory and maintain a handle, allowing shellcode to egghunt for second stage payload as would have happened in original loader

Patches / self modifications are dynamically written to jmp2it-flypaper.out

Usage: jmp2it.exe [file containing shellcode] [file offset to transfer EIP to]

Example: jmp2it.exe malware.doc 0x15C

Explaination: The file will be mapped and code at 0x15C will immediately run

Example: jmp2it.exe malware.doc 0x15C pause

Explaination: As above, with JMP SHORT 0xFE inserted pre-offset causing loop

Example: jmp2it.exe malware.doc 0x15C addhandle another.doc pause

Explaination: As above, but will create additional handle to specified file

Optional extras (to be added after first two parameters):

addhandle [path to file] - Create an arbatory handle to a specified file

Only one of the following two may be used:

pause - Inserts JMP SHORT 0xFE just before offset causing infinite loop

pause_int3 - Inserts INT3 just before offset [launch via debugger!]

Note: In these cases, you will be presented with step by step instructions on what you need to do inside a debugger to resume the analysis

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