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Rapid deployment of Windows environment (files, registry keys, mutex etc) to facilitate malware analysis

rapid_env - Created by Adam Kramer [2015]

This program rapidly sets up a malware analysis environment based on configuration file specified by the user. Configuration file can contain the following lines:

To create a file: file:path=content (content is optional)

To create a registry key: registry:key=value|data (value|data is optional)

To launch a process with specific name: process:process name

To create a mutex: mutex:mutex name

Lines beginning with # are ignored as comments

Example config file:

A file, which has content in

file:C:\Users\User\Documents\test.txt=This is the content of the file

A file, with no content


Notice the registry entry needs to start with HKEY_CURRENT_USER, this can be any other hive but full name is required


Example mutex


This won't run Windows calc.exe, but rather a skeleton process with the name requested


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