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This app can be used to monitor the delivery performance of virtual numbers for an SMS gateway.
When an expected message isn't received on a virtual number within a configurable timeframe the sysadmin will receive an email and/or SMS.
1) Copy the beans-template.xml file to beans-xml. Configure beans.xml with credentials, numbers to test, etc
2) Deploy to openshift or JBoss 7.1.1. Untested on other JEE6 servers.
- The VirtualNumberCheckExecutor is the main execution process of the app. It is executed by a timer.
- The state of all the checks are held in CheckStateStore
- REST endpoint for Delivery Receipt and Inbound SMS push processing located at <context>/rest/process. See classes in package
1) Set up test framework (yes this should be done first!)
2) Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Frameworks and Libraries
- jdk 1.6
- cdi (weld)
- seam 3 solder (config, logging)
- seam 3 rest
- joda-time
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