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An example profile showing how controls from other profiles can be inherited, modified, and executed.
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Profile Inheritance Example

This is an example InSpec profile that shows how profile inheritance works.

InSpec allows controls from other profiles to be included into another another profile. For example, profile "my-profile" can execute controls from "my-company-base-profile" anytime "my-profile" is executed.

In addition, controls from "my-company-base-profile" can be skipped or modified if needed. For example, if a control from "my-company-base-profile" does not apply to a particular host or application, it can be skipped completely. If a control that is normally considered critical if it fails is not actually critical for a particualr host or application, its impact can be modified.

Defining Dependencies

All profiles from which controls are to be inherited must be defined in the inspec.yml file in the depends section:

  - name: linux-baseline
  - name: ssh-baseline

Once defined, the profile names, and the controls from these profiles, can be used within any control file in the including profile.

Including Controls

From within a controls file in a profile, the include_controls and require_controls commands provide the ability to include all or specific controls from an included profile.

See the controls/controls_from_other_profiles.rb file in this example profile for more details and examples on how this works.

Need more info?

Swing by for more information, including more details on InSpec profiles and using inheritance.

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