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We haven't used this for a while. If you would like to take over ownership of this repo, please let us know.


The showoff plugin gives you a simple way to throw arbitrary HTML mockups into your appliction. You can use static HTML, ERB, or any other templating language (such as HAML) that your application supports.


rails plugin install git://
rails generate showoff:install


Yes, this plugin only works with Rails 3. Rails 2 is still supported in the rails2 branch.


Just throw your mockups into app/views/mockups, then navigate to /mockups in your app. Just like any other Rails view, you can use partials, helpers, etc. If you want to use a layout other than your application default, nest your mockup in a subdirectory with the same name as the layout (see examples).


Once you've run the generator, navigate to /mockups in your app to see some examples.


  • Avoid duplicating headers, footers, and other layout cruft by using the same layouts that the rest of your app uses.

  • By using the same CSS and JS files as the rest of your app, you avoid the pain of merging these things in later.

  • Use partials to keep your mockups more maintainable.

  • Because you have access to Ruby (as opposed to static HTML mockups), you can take advantage of looping to avoid duplication.

  • If you have a library such as Faker installed, you can use it to generate fake data and Lorum Ipsum text, rather than pasting it in.

  • Easily use your templating language of choice when building mockups (I use HAML).

  • Because your mockups can follow the same style and conventions as application code, showoff can drastically reduce the time it takes to wire up a mockup.


Joe Fiorini (faithfulgeek) Mani Tadayon (bowsersenior)

Copyright © 2010 Adam McCrea, released under the MIT license

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