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<h1>Alternate Layout Example</h1>
+ If a template has an additinal file extension, such as <code>alternate_layout.alternate.html.erb</code>,
+ the first extension will be used as the layout. In this case, Rails is expecting a layout named
+ 'alternate' to be defined.
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<h1>Sample Mockup</h1>
+ The showoff plugin gives you a simple way to throw arbitrary HTML mockups into your appliction.
+ You can use static HTML, ERB, or any other template language (such as HAML) that your
+ application supports. Just throw your mockups into app/views/mockups, and they will show
+ up in the sidebar at <a href="/mockups">/mockups</a>.
+ <li>Avoid duplicating headers, footers, and other layout cruft by using the same layouts that the rest of your app uses.</li>
+ <li>By using the same CSS and JS files as the rest of your app, you avoid the pain of merging these things in later.</li>
+ <li>Use partials to keep your mockups more maintainable.</li>
+ <% 3.times do %>
+ <li>Because you have access to Ruby (as opposed to static HTML mockups), you can take advantage of looping to avoid duplication.</li>
+ <% end %>
+ <li>If you have a library such as Faker installed, you can use it to generate fake data and Lorum Ipsum text, rather than pasting it in</li>
+ <li>Easily use your templating language of choice when building mockups (I use HAML).</li>
+ <li>Because your mockups can follow the same style and conventions as application code, showoff can drastically reduce the time it takes to wire up a mockup.</li>
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-<h1>Sample Nested Mockup<h1>
+<h1>Sample Nested Mockup</h1>
+ You can add subdirectories within app/views/mockups to organize your mockups (only one level deep).

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