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Syntax highlighting for story_type and requested_by

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1 parent 84c948d commit 0d7edbe52287e5a7aff0190a2807d63564792afc Wes Gibbs committed with Wes Gibbs Jan 29, 2010
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  1. +9 −3 syntax/slurper.vim
@@ -12,15 +12,21 @@ syn case match
syn match slurperDelimiter "^=="
-syn match slurperName "^name"
+syn match slurperStoryType "^story_type:"
-syn match slurperDescription "^description"
+syn match slurperName "^name:"
-syn match slurperLabels "^labels"
+syn match slurperDescription "^description:"
+syn match slurperLabels "^labels:"
+syn match slurperRequestedBy "^requested_by:"
hi def link slurperDelimiter Delimiter
+hi def link slurperStoryType Statement
hi def link slurperName Statement
hi def link slurperDescription Statement
hi def link slurperLabels Statement
+hi def link slurperRequestedBy Statement
let b:current_syntax = "slurper"

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