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English | 蝞雿銝剜

ChatGPT apps

Apps that utilize the astounding AI of ChatGPT or enhance its UX.

Autoclear ChatGPT History

Auto-clear your ChatGPT query history for maximum privacy.
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Display ChatGPT answers in Brave Search sidebar (powered by GPT-4!)
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ChatGPT Auto-Continue

Automatically continue generating multiple ChatGPT responses.
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ChatGPT Auto Refresh

Keeps ChatGPT sessions fresh, eliminating chat time limits + network errors + Cloudflare checks.
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ChatGPT Infinity

Generate endless answers from all-knowing ChatGPT (in any language!)
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ChatGPT Widescreen Mode

Adds Widescren + Fullscreen modes to ChatGPT for enhanced viewing + reduced scrolling.
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Display ChatGPT answers in DuckDuckGo sidebar (powered by GPT-4!)
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Display ChatGPT answers in Google Search sidebar (powered by GPT-4!)
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