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🐵 Greasemonkey userscripts  Tweet

MTurk, ChatGPT and other Greasemonkey userscripts. A userscript manager such as Tampermonkey is required to run these scripts.

MTurk, ChatGPT 和其他 Greasemonkey 用户脚本. 运行这些脚本需要一个用户脚本管理器,例如 Tampermonkey.

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Autopass Cloudflare CAPTCHA

Automatically verify your humanity during Cloudflare Turnstile challenges // 在 Cloudflare Turnstile 挑战期间自动验证您的人性
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ChatGPT logo ChatGPT scripts

Userscripts that utilize the astounding AI of ChatGPT // 利用 ChatGPT 惊人的 AI 的用户脚本
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Hide Forum Images logo Hide Forum Images

Hides images/videos from XenForo, vBulletin & Discourse forums // 隐藏来自 XenForo、vBulletin 和 Discourse 论坛的图像/视频
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Highlight Radio Bubbles logo Highlight Radio Bubbles

Makes bubbles bigger and more colorful when brought to focus using Tab key // 使用 Tab 键聚焦时使气泡更大、颜色更鲜艳
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Amazon Mechanical Turk logo MTurk scripts

Userscripts for Amazon's Mechanical Turk // 亚马逊 Mechanical Turk 的用户脚本
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YouTube Classic logo YouTube Classic

Reverts YouTube to its classic design (before all the rounded corners & hidden dislikes) + redirects YouTube Shorts // 将 YouTube 恢复为经典设计(在所有圆角和隐藏的不喜欢之前)+ 重定向 YouTube Shorts
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