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Copyright 2010 Adam Mathes

BSD Licensed. See LICENSE for details.

This is a "file-blogging" publishing platform. Drag and drop files in
a directory and the site is automatically generated to flat files and 
uploaded to a web server.


   * Mac OS X 10.6+ (It probably works on 10.5 but is untested)
   * Python 2.6+ (other versions may work but are untested)
   * Python modules: jinja2, markdown2, mutagen, bleach, xattr
   * A basic understanding of the command line for the setup.
   * A webserver that can serve static files accessible via rsync


0. Install dependencies

If you run

> ./ bootstrap

it will try to install them for you. Or manually install with pip or easy_install

> sudo easy_install jinja2 markdown2 mutagen bleach xattr

1. Create a config file

> cp settings.cfg.example settings.cfg

The only thing you should really need to change is the "destination"
which is the destination you want rsync to put the files. If you want
this to happen automagically set up rsync to not require a
password. This can be done with keyless ssh

2. Drag files to the 'files' directory.

Or copy or move or whatever.

3. Run to generate the site. Hopefully this will... work.

4. Once everything is looking good run

> ./ start

to continuously monitor the files directory for changes. Whenever
things are changed, the site will regenerate and upload, like magic!

5. To edit templates see the themes directory. To modify css/js see
the static directories.