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Ruby interface to AT-compatible GSM modems
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RubyGSM is a Ruby library which uses ruby-serialport to provide a nifty interface to send and receive SMS messages via a GSM modem.

Sample Usage

class ReverseApp
    def initialize(gsm)
        @gsm = gsm

    def incoming(from, datetime, message)
        @gsm.send(from, message.reverse)

gsm ="/dev/tty.usbserial")

If you just want to send sms

gsm ="/dev/tty.usbserial")
msg =, "+447777777777", "Oh hai")


RubyGSM is distributed via GitHub, which you must add as a gem source before installing:

$ sudo gem sources -a

The library depends upon ruby-serialport, which is currently maintained on GitHub by Toholio. This library is included as a Gem dependancy, so to install both:

$ sudo gem install adammck-rubygsm

For Debian/Ubuntu users…

The ruby-serialport library is available in the APT repository as a binary package, which is substatially less hassle to install than the Gem, for those who don't have a compiler installed (I prefer not to, on production servers). To install the package via apt, and ignore the Gem dependancy:

$ sudo apt-get install libserialport-ruby
$ sudo gem install --ignore-dependencies adammck-rubygsm

Building gem

$ gem build rubygsm.gemspec

Known issues

There is a known issue when you try to send message to shortcode. Enble :debug to see problem.

Devices Tested

  • Multitech MTCBA

  • Wavecom M1306B

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